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Name: Mandy
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Birthday: February 6, 1980
My Support System: Mom, Stepdad, Dad
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reading, writing,
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Education: Graduate from
the University of West Georgia
(UWG) Class of 2005! Mass
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Favorite Color: purple!
I would like to travel to Europe and Australia. I love music! It's my passion. I am currently a substitute teacher and I love what I do. :)

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Friday, July 01, 2016

has passed since my last entry. I am now 36 years old. At the time of my most recent entry, I was 30. Where does time go? I'm looking over those posts and thinking how easy life seemed. Life is not difficult right now, I just see it through different eyes.

I've experienced much, I've done so much. I finished my bachelor's degree, but I also finished my master's degree. I substitute taught, but I also taught two years in my own classroom. I gave up on love... for about a year. I prepared myself for being alone for the rest of my life. What I found was drastically different.

I am in love with the most amazing man. After one year of pining away for him, hoping that some glimmer of love in his soul would make itself apparent, I lost that hope last summer. The last week of June, I said good-bye to him. I told him that I thought it was best if we didn't talk for a long time, if ever again. It was the first time in my life that I stood up for myself and said I wasn't going to take it anymore. I finally had the self-worth and value that I should have had all along.

Six months went by before we communicated again. I was leery about communicating with him. The feelings had died. The feelings had subsided. What if they came back? Was I over him? We had a conversation, and the feelings just were not there. Either they had died, or I had done a great job of burying them and convincing myself they did not exist anymore. Either way, nothing surfaced during that conversation.

A few months later, another casual talk. This time I was convinced I felt nothing anymore. I even convinced myself that it wouldn't have worked because I treated life more seriously. What I found about two months later was that I was utterly wrong.

"I have something to tell you. I don't know what I was looking for. I don't know what I was searching for, but what I needed was standing right in front of me. I made a huge mistake."

Those words. Those sweet, sweet words. This is the kind of thing that happens in movies... in stories. And it was happening to me. I told him that I was shocked. I never expected that. I told him, because I thought he didn't even think about me when I wasn't in front of him. He said I was wrong, and that even more so he had thought about me the week before. I told him that we could start talking more. He told me that I'm the most beautiful, kind, and positive human being he had ever met, and he wanted that positive back in his life. The next day I asked him what he wanted from all of this. He said he wanted to see where things could go. I asked myself what I thought about all of this. Could I care for him again? He had taken me on a roller coaster ride the previous year. I told him that I was scared and apprehensive. He said he understood, he had been a total asshole.

I talked to a lot of people before I made my decision. I realized those words woke the butterflies up in me, and that I still did care for him. I gave him a chance, and the rest is history. He is the man I thought he could be, I always knew he could be. And I am absolutely, utterly in love. I'm so lucky. As for being alone for the rest of my life, love hits you when you least expect it.

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Monday, February 15, 2010
I Heart Snow!

Today, I am in McComb, OH. I am visiting with my friends Chris and Lindsay. I got to Ohio on Friday. I got to spend a day with my grandparents and we actually got everything done that I wanted to do! Major major props to Jeni's Ice Cream. I saw them first on the Food Network. When I found out that they were located in Columbus, I told my grandparents that I reaaaaallly wanted to go. So, they found a location and we were able to get ice cream! Let me rewind a bit though...

I got off my plane and found out that my luggage didn't make it up on the same flight on which I had flown. They said it would be delivered to my grandparent's house. They told me to call and find out if it had made it up on the 12:15 flight. The flight would be to Columbus about 2. It did make it up, but they said that the delivery service had a 12 hour window in which to get the luggage to Grandpa and Grandma's house. When I told Grandpa that, he said we could go back to the airport and pick it up. This was after a lovely breakfast at Bob Evans and a visit with Jeff and Kelley to see baby Bella. Then we went to Jeni's and then we went to pick up my luggage. It was a fun day!

That night, Grandpa took us to a Chinese Buffet to eat. This was in lieu of the Fish Market, which was booked because of Valentine's Day. All the same, I LOVE Chinese food, so it was okay. :)

Then we went to Greg's house and I got to see him and Gary. It was a nice night!

So now I am at Chris and Lindsey's and things are good. :) More later!

Posted at 07:06 pm by MandyParsons
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Friday, February 05, 2010
Wow, wow, wow! What a day!!

Okay, so today is the day before my 30th birthday. I had such a cool day today! I get to sub for three spanish classes for two whole weeks. I just completed my first week and what a great week it was! The kids are so nice. They worked so hard this week without being able to verify with their teacher understanding on their assignments, so I gave them some arts and crafts time yesterday in class and also we had gatherings today. They brought in food, drinks, snacks... pizza, etc etc. We had SUCH a great day!

The kids in my first block class bought a card and they all signed it for me. I think that is one of the most touching gestures I've ever had done since I've been subbing. I will most definitely miss these kids after I go. I am so honored to be with them; I feel so blessed. Thank you students for making my week so wonderful!

Now the reason I am subbing for these classes is because the teacher who I am subbing for was going home to be by her dad's side while he was on his death bed. They were expecting it, she just wanted to be down there with the rest of her family. The department head came in to confirm that she lost her father yesterday, on Thursday, the same day we were having arts and crafts time. I told the students that they were going to make sympathy cards for their teacher. While they were doing that, I decided to teach them about funeral processions and traditions in Hispanic countries. While I am not fluent at ALL in Spanish, I at least wanted to be able to leave something with them with these two weeks that I was with them. I didn't want these two weeks to be wasted time.

I am a firm believer that while I am just a substitute teacher (not forever!!) the kids shouldn't be "babysat." I want them to learn from me. I want to bring them knowledge. Even if I can't teach them exactly what they are learning, I want to bring something into it that makes it more enjoyable. Two weeks would be such a wasted time if all I allowed them to do were their worksheets. So we had some celebrations, we had some culture time, we had some poetry, and we had a little more fun than we would have. My goodness, I love what I do. I am so incredibly blessed.

My heart is full of joy.

Posted at 03:13 pm by MandyParsons
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